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About The Australian Screen Sound Guild (ASSG)

The Australian Screen Sound Guild (ASSG) represents the profession of screen sound in film, television, multimedia and other related audio industries. It was formed in 1988 in response to a desire for more communication between practitioners of the various craft areas of screen sound.

The ASSG aims to recognise and promote original and creative work, encourage high standards and to facilitate research into the techniques and technology of screen sound production. The ASSG also acts as a forum for creative development. Members participate in discussions, forums and seminars on topics relevant to screen sound, and to the TV and film industries as a whole.

The Guild attempts to promote awareness of Australian screen sound generally, co-operating in the exchange and flow of information, technology, culture and education concerning screen sound production within and outside Australia.

Through the annual Australian Screen Sound Awards, the Guild recognises excellence and achievement within the screen sound crafts. The ASSG hopes to develop initiatives that recognise the work and value of its members and further their professional growth, and develop professional relationships with other industry bodies.

Andrew Plain

1953 - 2013

Renaissance man of local film industry

Andrew Plain

Andrew Plain afi awards


Andrew Plain desk

Andrew Keith Plain (26 July 1953 – 13 December 2013) was an Australian sound designer and supervising sound editor. Through his company Huzzah Sound, he created the soundtracks for many Australian and international films and television series including Alex Proyas's Knowing; Phillip Noyce's Catch A Fire; Jane Campion's In The Cut; Gillian Armstrong's Death Defying Acts, Charlotte Gray and Oscar and Lucinda; Ray Lawrence's Lantana and Jindabyne; Neil Armfield's Candy; Peter Duncan's Unfinished Sky and Children of the Revolution, Sarah Watt's Look Both Ways, Richard James Allen's Thursday's Fictions; Rolf De Heer's Alexandra's Project, John Curran's Praise, and Dein Perry's Bootman.

Huzzah's work was awarded nine Australian Film Institute (AFI) nominations and three AFI Awards for Best Sound, an Inside Film (IF) Award for Best Sound Design and a Golden Reel (Motion Pictures Sound Editors - America) nomination.

Andrew Plain: Renaissance man of local film industry

The Andrew Plain Memorial Fund

To honour Andrew's lifetime contribution to the Australian film industry, and to recognise the many hours Andrew spent mentoring and educating young people working in, and studying, motion picture sound, the Australian Screen Sound Guild is establishing the Andrew Plain Memorial Fund.

The ASSG is looking to raise funds by donation, sufficient to support an annual Award to a student, or young film practitioner, seeking to further their education in Screen Sound. Our hope is that through this Fund we will remember Andrew, and recognise and encourage excellence and innovation in our industry for many years to come.

Our immediate goal is $20,000. The ASSG will make an initial contribution of $7,500 and with donations already promised we are well on the way to the $10,000 mark.

For more details about how you can contribute to the Fund, please go the Australian Community Foundation and look for the donate button in the left column.

Important information regarding the sub fund name for donations

In order to donate to the correct fund, in the subfund name you just need to type "andrew plain" and the subfund name will come up "GM281-The Andrew Plain Memorial Fund"

Donate to The Andrew Plain Memorial Fund via

Join the ASSG

Join the ASSG - ASSG Membership Fees

There is no joining fee for the ASSG, but there are two different Membership types.

  1. The annual fee of $100 (+GST) is applicable to both Full and Associate Members.
  2. The annual fee of $30 (+GST) is applicable to both Student and Retired Members.

All membership fees are tax deductible. The ASSG fees are due on a yearly basis determined by the date of your first fee payment. If you are applying for membership please be aware you will be sent a payment request ONLY after your membership has been approved.

Who Is Eligible To Join The Assg? - Qualifications for Membership

To become a member of the ASSG you need to have made a substantial creative contribution to the profession of screen sound.

Full Members shall be:

  1. Individuals who have made a substantial professional creative contribution to the profession of screen sound for at least five years in Australia; or
  2. Individuals who have the equivalent qualifications as set out in clause (i) above as determined by the Committee; and
  3. Able to provide proof of their contribution as set out in clauses (i) and (ii) above.

Full Members are able to vote and stand for election to office.

Associate Members shall be individuals who do not qualify for full or any other class of membership. Associate Members are unable to vote or stand for office.

Student Members shall be:

  1. An individual undertaking a relevant full-time course of study, as determined by the Committee, at the time of application and can provide proof of their student status to the Committee; or
  2. An individual obtaining work experience at the time of application and can provide proof to the Committee.

Student Membership shall be limited to a time period approved by the Committee.

Student Members are unable to vote or stand for office.

Retired Members shall be:

  1. A member who has been a full member for ten years and who has ceased to be actively employed in screen sound;
  2. A member who has been a full member for ten years and who has transferred to another field of work outside screen sound; or
  3. A member who has been a full member for ten years and who has left screen sound due to illness.

Retired Members are unable to vote or stand for office.

Honorary Members will be determined at the discretion of Committee by unanimous vote and will not be required to pay membership fees. Honorary Members are unable to vote or stand for office.

For membership, you need to be nominated by another member of the ASSG, and the membership needs to be approved by the Committee of the ASSG. All applications require a C.V. or credit listing. A financial member meeting the criteria listed above can vote and stand for election.

While the new website is being created, only standard PDF applications are being taken. Please download and print the pdf linked below and then scan and email back to the email address at the bottom of the form

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